Public Meeting

Strathclyde Pension fund is the 2nd largest pension scheme in the UK, in terms of investment in the fossil fuel industry. It deals with 200,000 people who receive their pensions from over 200 organisations within the former Strathclyde area. The fund is worth close to £15 billion and £752 million of that is invested into fossil fuels. The fossil fuel industry is not only one of the main drivers of climate change but also has ethical implications.


The aim of this campaign will be to reach a divestment from fossil fuels and later on reinvestment in responsible long-term solutions. But we are only at the start of this journey and would like to invite everyone for a public meeting.

During the first part of the meeting we will present the campaign, giving the moral and financial arguments for divesting. After that we will open up for any inputs, ideas or support from groups or individuals.

We would like to encourage everyone to come along, whether you are a curious individual or a concerned organisation.

Date: 13th of February
Time: 14:00 – 16:00
Place: The Old Hairdressers
20-28 Renfield Lane
G2 6PH, Glasgow

Hope to see many people there,
we are excited to share our ideas with you!


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